Woven bags

Woven bags

It is used in packing different agricultural crops (potatoes - onions - garlic - lemons) and palm sacks. This is for circulation in the markets or for preservation in refrigerators, as well as for export, including what is used in the manufacture of bags and some decoration works and many other purposes

Features of woven bags

Lightweight and easy to use.

Good ventilation and bright colors to suit all products.

Some of them can be used more than once.

Withstand low temperatures inside refrigerators.

Not affected by weather factors (sunlight - humidity - etc.)

Unaffected by sunlight and temperature up to 70°C

Washable and steam iron



Bags Technical Specifications

And the porosity of the openings (narrow or wide as requested).

Material: Polyethylene (food grade safety).

Roller length upon request.

The size of the network (al-Shakara) upon request.

Package size 30 x 40 cm = 5 kg.

Package size 40 x 60 cm = 10 kg.

Package size 65 x 85 cm = special to protect dates from birds, insects and tampering


Plugins: Masterbatch and Stabilizers

Roller width: the maximum possible width is 53 cm

Roll length: from 30 to 50 meters.

Meter weight: varies according to sizes and type of fabric

Bag sizes

30 x 40 cm - 40 x 60 cm - 65 x 85 cm