Picnic mat

Picnic mat

Mats considered one of the first ground mats types, used as a cheap alternative to the traditional  mats , especially in village .It characterized by high efficiency using , especially in the Hot climate regions, where it work as a heat insulator – produced in  different sizes to appropiate all wide or narrow places and to brush pray houses (Mosques).

Advantages of the plastic mats and carpets:

  • -A cheap alternative for the carpet and mats.
  • -A good insulator for high temperatures.
  • -Produced by different colors and designs to satisfy all gusts.
  • - It not affected by a acids and alkalis or an chemical substances
  • -Un harmful to the children health or animal
  • -Spred and herewith easly, as a result it can be used in trips and camps or Hajj and Omra.
  • -Washable easly and dry quickly.
  • -Consumable for a long time

Technical specifications:

Produced by a width of 60-90-120-180-205cm, the long controlled upon demand.
-With a various colours and shapes , it produced by a unique colour (Green mats for mosques).